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100% Pure Essential Oils

Paradise Springs is dedicated to providing the highest quality essential oils - whether organic or wildcrafted, our oils delivery exactly what you need. Discover the healthiest, happiest you!

Sooth and Recover

Soothing floral accents of organic lavender make this essential oil perfect for aromatherapy. Lavender's naturopathic calming aspects may support sleep, relaxation, and relief of muscle tension.

Health to Relaxation

Paradise Springs organic and wildcrafted essential oils help you do it all. From fresh scents at work, balance and calming support during yoga, or a healing soak in the tub - check out our blog for ideas then grab yours today!


Get fresh ideas for using Paradise Springs essential oils.

100% pure, highly concentrated, and rich in natural aromatic compounds.

Perfect for aromatherapy, skin care, and natural home-cleaning solutions.

Made properly - never chemically altered or synthetically modified.

We pride ourselves on excellence and purity.

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